It’s not very easy for INFJs to come out of rock bottom and emerge victorious all of a sudden.

It will take some time, but it’s your responsibility to ensure that you don’t break the state of flow you’ve built over time with enough grit and determination.

If you haven’t read the first part of this article, I will suggest you read it. In this part, we’ll be focusing on how to take serious action and develop unbreakable consistency.

For an INFJ, it is of paramount importance to develop a healthy state of flow right from scratch. The beginning is the hardest for INFJs. If you can pass through the beginning stage, then be ready to witness extraordinary success down the road. But you have to start somewhere.

So, let’s discuss the strategies that will help you move ahead and keep you stay consistent.

Stay motivated.

Do you know that INFJs are impressionable beings? It’s easy for INFJs to get influenced by something that they come across. It is why a lot of matured INFJs avoid watching negative news as it affects their mental health and overall well-being.

INFJs are very susceptible to external emotions. They act like a sponge in a bucketful of water, soaking every drop of it till it’s saturated. INFJs benefit hugely from watching positive influential videos that carry wisdom and have the potential to change one’s life for the better.


INFJs receives the maximum motivation as compared to all the remaining  Myers-Briggs® personality types watching motivational content. When you’re at rock bottom, make it a practice to watch relatable motivational content regularly.

Why do I recommend this? Because, as you watch motivational content, you develop an image inside your head that convinces you to believe – Yes, It can be possible. If they have done it, why can’t I? They, too, have gone through severe circumstances as I did. Now, if they can fight back and reclaim their lost dignity and self-respect, why can’t I? 

Now the need of the hour is to get short solid bursts of power to get the ball rolling. Don’t consider this situation to remain the same throughout. 

You will grow from this point and you will definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just keep moving your feet FORWARD.

Once you start making progress, your source of motivation will change. Now, you will feel proud of yourself looking at the journey that you have covered, kicking off from rock bottom. But until that point, you need external motivation to initiate action and take steps towards your goals. 

I suggest you watch motivational content and read motivational books, as it will give you the required push to start taking action.

Warning: You are more prone to procrastination. 

Cognitively, INFJs can believe anything. For them, anything is possible because Extraverted Thinking (Te) plays the blind role in their cognitive function stack.

Overwatching motivational content can put you into a state of delusion, where you would feel conquered and successful just watching those videos, absorbing the positive, inspiring vibes from their speeches. 

That’s not a reality rather a mirage. Here you are, celebrating your victory, that you haven’t achieved it yet.

Remember, the sole reason to consume motivational content is to re-establish the self-belief in yourself and start the whole process of getting yourself in the FLOW MODE.

Some of my favorite motivational channels that I frequently visit are as follows:


Simon Sinek

Evan Carmichael

Several other similar Youtube channels can motivate you, but I have handpicked three of them because it is made exclusively by the INFJs.

It will be easier for you to resonate with what excites them the most. And with less time spent on consuming this motivational content, you will get the best results effectively.

Whenever you feel uninspired, watch motivational content that you can RELATE. Use it to your advantage and come out of rock bottom as soon as possible.

Believe in your authenticity.

One of the best advantages of being an INFJ is that you believe in the purity of the soul. Whatever goals or purposes you may have, you value authenticity more than anything. It’s your duty, my dear INFJ friend, to stand for the truth. 

I know you want to live a genuine, authentic life and want to see yourself as a strong person who’s hellbent to fulfill your purpose as long as it takes.


Have belief in your best intentions as it is going to be one of your major strengths.

Ask yourself this question – How many people in this world does something with a noble purpose? Most people even do not know what they are doing. They are doing something because others expect them to do that.

So, if you have figured out your purpose, write down the intentions that led you to take this decision. Whenever you feel demotivated or depressed, remember the intent with which you started in the first place.

Choose your thoughts consciously.

For a Ni Hero like INFJs and INTJs, you create your destiny. It is because you know everything you do at the moment and that you intend to pursue it later. Other personality types don’t have that level of awareness about themselves. 

So, you cannot have an excuse if you’re not able to fix something that’s happening wrong in your life. You have been endowed with that intuitive superpower to think beyond your circumstances and create your dream reality that starkly contrasts your real one.

I know your present situation might be challenging for you, but remember, you can quickly come out of it. You need to call your Ni Hero to pull yourself up from the rock bottom you’re in presently.


Whatever painful circumstances you may be dealing with right now, use your intuition to think about the future that always invigorates you.

The law of attraction accurately applies to the Ni Heroes (INFJs and INTJs). If you occupy your mind with negative thought patterns, you will eventually attract that in your real life.

And if you can tune your mind to believe that the best things are waiting for you, then you will be surprised to see how a sudden turn of events transforms your life in unimaginably best ways. 

Have faith in your mind. It’s powerful enough. Choose your thoughts consciously and expect positive things to happen because from now onwards, you’re not going to look back. 

After a certain period, as a consequence of the snowball effect, your life will tremendously change. And you will start believing yourself as an achiever because, at that point, you would have already achieved a lot of success just because you anticipated it in the first place. 

Set measurable deadlines.

As an INFJ, it’s difficult for you to differentiate between your vision and the current reality. That’s why you tend to overestimate your action-taking abilities, thereby setting unrealistic goals with unrealistic deadlines.


When you fail to meet them, you become self-critical of yourself. It leads to additional stress, especially when you’ve hit rock bottom and desperately try to come out of it.

There’s nothing to worry about it. Just make sure you ask yourself the following questions: –  

  • What are my short-term and long-term goals?
  • How can I set short-term deadlines that can be measurable in a sensing way?
  • How can I define my immediate goals and set micro deadlines for them?

As an INFJ, you like to study a subject through different perspectives, and you tend to understand the underlying intentions in-depth and see the big picture. This way, you feel accomplished when you’ve learned something new and profound. 

But you also need to remind yourself that if you don’t finish your tasks within the set deadline, it will backfire your ego.

To achieve your goals within your set deadlines, you need to learn about how to set deadlines that can be measured.

If you’re a writer, even if you have read ten articles and gained a lot of knowledge on the concerned subject, you need to create a deadline, such as setting a deadline of finishing at least one article within three days.

This deadline is measurable. By the end of the 3rd day, you can tell if you’ve achieved your deadline or not. 

Practice Self-Discipline.

Now, it’s vitally essential for you to create self-discipline by enforcing you to a set of healthy habits that fast forwards your growth and productivity.

The real reason why you find it challenging to come out from rock bottom is because of your Introverted Sensing (Si) that plays the demonic role for INFJs.

Introverted Sensing (Si) is a cognitive function responsible for self-discipline, self-faith, and self-loyalty. For you, it is one of your shadow functions and is the 8thfunction of your cognitive function stack.

By default, INFJs hate practicing discipline naturally. If you ask INFJs to wake up early in the morning, go to the gym for a workout, and spend the rest of the day in a disciplined and planned out manner, the first thing that will come to an INFJ’s mind is – WHY DO I NEED TO DO THAT?

If they are told that you should do it because it is good for you. Probably most INFJs won’t be convinced enough to follow it through.


But, if an INFJ has a purpose in his/her life and all these activities fall in alignment with his/her mission, he/she will be more than ready enough to lead a highly disciplined life.

Though it is difficult for an INFJ to stay disciplined initially, they can ultimately achieve the desired level of discipline through conscious, determined efforts and consistent practice.

Keep the promises you make to yourself.

It’s vital for you, my dear INFJ friend, to keep the promises that you’ve made to yourself. Again, the cognitive function responsible for it is Introverted Sensing (Si).

Those personality types who have Introverted Sensing (Si) as their Hero(dominant) or Good parent(Auxiliary) don’t generally dream as big as INFJs. Still, whatever promises they make to themselves, they mostly keep them.

For INFJs, when they feel inspired and motivated, they can make grand promises to themselves, but after a certain point of time, they will forget the feeling and the words that they exactly said to themselves. It happens due to the demonic role of Introverted Sensing (Si) in the INFJ personality type.

So, I want you to consciously go inside your psyche and ask yourself the promises you made to yourself in the recent past. If you were unable to fulfill them, first and foremost, forgive yourself. 

Tell yourself that it’s okay that you weren’t able to keep your promises. From now onwards, you will not break your promises, nor will you make substantial hollow promises to yourself impulsively.


From now onwards, you will make micro promises to yourself, and you will make sure that you keep them definitely. 

It will give you immense self-confidence as you will develop a healthy self-image of yourself.

You need to prove to yourself that you’re a person of words, and people can rely upon you. You’ve to become the person who takes responsibility seriously.

You’ll feel great even if you kept your promises at the micro-level. These micro achievements will eventually bring you out of rock bottom if you maintain consistency and flow.

Celebrate your tiniest achievements.

INFJs tend to be very critical and disapproving of their tiny successes. I know you have a long way to go, and you’re becoming self-critical to avoid getting complacent in your future efforts.

I appreciate your ambitious nature. But at the same time, I must say that if you do not appreciate yourself for all the hard work that you’re putting into, you will soon get mentally exhausted.

It’s similar to INFJs going on a long car ride. They want to reach the destination earliest and do not want to take rest breaks in between. It leads to exhaustion which may further lead to an accident or an engine breakdown in the middle of the road.

So, don’t become so hard upon yourself. Your final destination is far away from this point. Plan ahead. Divide your journey into smaller milestones and as you achieve them, keep celebrating your tiniest achievements with much enthusiasm and joy.   


A tiny seed gives birth to a huge tree; similarly, the grand vision in your head will come to life as long as you hold onto it and nourish it with all of your life energies.

It’s a long journey for you because your dreams are big enough. That’s why you need to pat your back and reward yourself with the tiniest achievements you’re making along the way to your dreams and goals.

Practice and Practice your craft.

If you finally want to see your lofty dreams becoming successful in this lifetime, you’ve got a way out. It’s called practice. INFJs and INTJs have Extraverted Sensing (Se) as their 4th function in their respective cognitive function stack, and it also plays the aspiration role in their life.

If you keep practicing and keep honing the skills required to succeed in your goals, you can tremendously benefit from it. INFJs and INTJs are the only two personality types who develop their skills to the greatest extent than all the other 14 personality types. 


So, remember you’re born as such a unique personality type who can achieve anything, whatever you want, provided you do enough consistent practice.

Start getting obsessed with your goals and dreams. You have the potential to live an extraordinary life for yourself. The time has come for you to wake up and take a stand for yourself.


Let’s wrap up. If you feel you have faced enough miseries in your life and you’re tired of staying at rock bottom, make a conscious decision to come out of it.

It’s not that difficult for INFJs to come out of rock bottom, as they have the potential to come out of it rapidly and swiftly accelerate their way towards excellence and success.

As an INFJ, what you need to do is to start staying motivated. Believe in your authenticity and choose your thoughts consciously. Set measurable deadlines and start practicing self-discipline consistently.

Keep the promises you make to yourself and start celebrating your tiniest achievements. Keep practicing your craft till you achieve unbeatable excellence, and success will follow your suit.

Remember, you have big dreams and big visions. Naturally, you don’t belong to the mediocre class. You’re not like the average person who wants to lead an average life and die without contributing to the world. You’re a gift to humanity.

You’re the creative force of this world. Your big dreams need to come true as the world needs you the most. You need to become unstoppable in your pursuit to serve humanity. 


Once you get out of rock bottom, your life will completely change. Treat these difficult moments of your life as a rite of passage. Come on. The world urgently needs you, my dear INFJ friend. 

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