How many times on web spaces have you seen people whining about their miserable lives and blaming their personality type for everything they cannot achieve?

When it comes to the INFJ personality type, there is a lot of hopelessness around, which seriously pisses me off. It seems like INFJs are born to suffer throughout their lives till their death.

I have deep sympathy for every INFJ who has gone through various kinds of sufferings but do you think life is fair? No, absolutely not.

Particularly for INFJs, life is so tough when they’re following the rulebook that 99% of the world is recommending to them.

I am an INFJ, and I have suffered a fair share of miseries in my life as well. But, who doesn’t gets to experience that? We all do.

Remember, we only remember those who had fought against their worst circumstances and were still able to come victorious when the world disregarded their existence.

Let me tell you a harsh truth about the INFJ personality type.

The concept of mediocrity never applies to an INFJ. There can only be two outcomes that can apply to the INFJ personality type.

Either they taste epic success, or they face the worst failures. A true INFJ can never lead a mediocre life successfully.

In the present world, I can name innumerable INFJs who are incredibly successful in whatever field they are, and they’re living the life of their dreams. We usually don’t get to know them easily because there is less authentic research on the internet.

If you’re an INFJ, you can live the life of your dreams and achieve the highest form of success that you can personally define.

Whoever you’re, wherever you’re, whatever you’re doing right now, and whichever situations you’re presently into, if you have a genuine intent within yourself to transform your life into the best version imaginable to you – YOU CAN DO IT NOW.

I have complied 10 Golden rules for every INFJ who wants to blast their way through epic success. Here they are as follows:

1. Dare to reach for the stars. 

Please do what you feel you can do the best, and do that thing that makes you feel like you’re born for it. 

If you really want to achieve epic success, you must learn how to dream big.


It comes naturally to INFJs to envision a grand dream for themselves as their dominant cognitive function is Introverted Intuition(Ni).

The only thing you need to learn is to have true faith in your dreams and yourself.

2. Start slow. 

INFJs need a lot of time to understand the game and warm up to the occasion. Don’t get demotivated or disheartened. 

It’s like you’ll start your car in the race at a speed of 5-10 Km/hr. And your acceleration will be embarrassingly low than your opponents.

It’s the most heartbreaking stage for all INFJs, and most of them give up in hopelessness and despair. Bear in mind – you will have to endure everyone’s criticism around at this time.


You will lose the game forever if you do not learn how to stick yourself up through this stage.

Remember this – HAVE FAITH & DON’T STOP.

If you keep moving, your speed will increase exponentially over time. Only you and INTJs have got this special privilege, so take advantage of your hidden strengths.

This is the hardest phase that you’ve to pass through.

3. Focus on learning your craft in close detail.

This is the super crucial stage for you, as you will grasp every piece of information that comes across you. Some will be helpful for you. Some will be not.

But you need to use your intuition to create a cobweb of data that is unshrinkable.


It will automatically get created as you consciously expose yourself to all kinds of information you’re curious to learn.

Get answers to all of your weird doubts that your Ti (Introverted Thinking) will ask you. It plays the ‘Child’ role, and it will question you in various ways that may seem innocent and silly to other types. But remember, your child Ti is the one that will offer you that ultimate perfection when you need it the most.

Try not to get stuck in the Ni-Ti loop now, striving for perfection. Your doubts will get solved subsequently. Just keep moving forward. 

Your thirst for perfection will be fulfilled later as it will take time.

For now, these two important things you need to take care of:

  1. Move in a single Direction.
  2. Don’t get deviated by setbacks.

If you get a hunch that you can do it, then you can definitely do it. Trust your Hero Ni (Introverted Intuition). It will never lie to you. 

4. Optimise and Re-arrange the bits and pieces.

Once you get a basic understanding of how something works, it’s time for you to optimize your understanding to make it handy. 

Most other personality types can’t go deep into something and determine what they actually need to change to achieve the precise outcomes. It’s super strength for you, my INFJ friend. Make full use of it.

In order to make this process easy to you, follow these two steps:

a) Re-arrange the bits and pieces.

What does it mean? Let’s take an example. Suppose you are establishing a mini library at your home for some purpose. And the vast consignment of books just got delivered to you. Let’s say there’s a minimum 500 number of books that you’ve to stick in a single room.

Now the question comes, how are you going to arrange them? Are you going to throw all the books and form a heap, or will you classify all the books according to the genre, subjects, and type?


You definitely have to classify them in the best way possible that serves your purpose.

Similarly, in real-life scenarios, an INFJ painter will keep their color palettes, paint brushes, canvas, and all-important things ready that he/she is frequently going to use them.

An INFJ music producer will keep the sound designs and sound processing chains ready and handy for use whenever he/she wants it within seconds.

Whatever field you pursue, make sure to organize and arrange your stuff at the micro level so that it works to your best advantage.

b) Optimize your process.

Optimizing means speeding up a process using derived formulas. Whatever you have arranged and organized until this point, you need to optimize the sensory repetitive tasks that consume you a lot of time.

Optimizing a process comes naturally to all INFJs. You do not need to learn it from anyone else. You already know this.

First, you understand the logic and derive the pattern. Then you compare the outcomes employing various methods to find out which one works out the best.

Again, this experimenting nature of INFJs is not common to most other personality types. So, make full use of it to derive the best results.

5. Form a dynamic between planning and successful implementation.

INFJs need to get rid of their perfectionistic tendencies to move ahead and take action.

It will be tough for you to initially achieve your goals, as you will overestimate your Se (Extraverted Sensing). You will naturally allot much lesser time than what is required for you to accomplish any specific task.

Let’s understand it with an example.

Imagine a situation where you’re following a diet while trying to bulk up and build lean muscle mass. You will be required to increase your calorie intake (Setting higher goals), and at the same time, your workouts will become more strenuous (Accomplishing these higher goals).


If you cannot digest properly with the increased calorie intake or not follow your workouts precisely, you won’t achieve your desired outcomes. And it will cause you to lose equilibrium, ultimately throwing you out of kilter.

That means, whatever new goals you’re adding, you must be able to accomplish them at the same time within the set deadlines. This way, you create a solid dynamic between planning and implementation.

The main objective should be to tune your expectations and the rate at which you finish your tasks.

If you’re unable to figure out this balance intuitively, it will either lead to burnout, finally making you quit it altogether. Otherwise, you won’t find the initial courage to get the ball rolling and even start the process.

The key is to start slow and remain consistent.

Set micro-goals and establish a habit of accomplishing them consistently.

This way, your speed will increase over time as you start forming healthy habits. And remember, as you keep on optimizing everything, eventually, you will gain exponential momentum down the road.

Take one single step at a time, but make sure you take it.

6. Immerse yourself completely into it.

Whether you’re preparing for an exam, learning how to play piano, writing a book, whatever you’re pursuing, immerse yourself completely inside it.

It should become your second nature when you pursue that task. INFJs have immense absorbing powers. They can absorb emotions, feelings, impressions intuitively and can assign a picture and meaning to it. 


This way, INFJs create a vast database of intuitive memory that they can use whenever necessary. They can access this memory to find logical connections among them and find any hidden meaning behind it.

But you can only achieve this high level of functionality when you deeply immerse and submit yourself fully towards whatever you’re pursuing right now.

Introverted Intuition (Ni) will act like a laser beam and will penetrate the depths of whatever you’re seeking to learn and grasp. 

It will be like a horse running at a fast pace with blinkers on.

Don’t get distracted. Stay focused like a laser beam on your path. Eventually, you’ll become invincible.

7. Develop a framework that works for you.


In simple words, develop a system that helps you chase your goals, keeps you consistent, and makes you feel authentic.

INFJs have weak Te (Extraverted Thinking). Therefore they find it difficult to keep track of time and various external factors.

Further, it leads to INFJs making innumerable wrong decisions when they decide to do something without proper planning, acting on the spur of the moment.

To avoid that, all successful INFJs believe in following a framework or system that works for them.

Everyone has a different style of working. It vastly differs from one personality type to another. The INFJ personality type working style is similar, but still, it differs to some extent from one another.

I will clarify it by taking the example of an INFJ writer. Suppose there are 3 INFJs – X, Y, and Z, who are writers.

INFJ X is an author who writes fiction books. INFJ Y is a freelance copywriter who works in different non-fiction portfolios. And INFJ Z is a blogger who specializes in a particular niche.

Now, if you want to become a writer and if you happen to ask these 3 INFJs. Indeed, each one of them is going to recommend you to pursue what they have been successful at, but now you’ve to question which one of them are you going to follow? These are some parameters which you need to observe.

  1. Work schedule and Timings.
  2. Type of work.
  3. Finding the work-life balance.

Once you study these parameters, you’ll be able to know what suits you more personally and which one brings more meaning to your life.


Now you need to develop your own framework based on your custom preferences. Doing this will help you work in the auto-pilot mode, and that can save you a lot of time, physical, and emotional energy.

You’ll no more be required to set everything up from scratch. It will simplify your life, and you can perform tasks with ease and satisfaction.

Thus for you to achieve epic success, it’s vital to set a framework of how you’re going to carry your mission forward.

8. Set restore points of Progress

Doing this will save the months and years of progress that you have made throughout your past.

Normally INFJs will disregard whatever progress they have made in the past. It happens naturally to them because of their demonic Introverted Sensing (Si) cognitive function.

As INFJs, we tend to forget very often what we have achieved so far. It goes with our external achievements and those winning moments that made us feel proud someday in our past.

When we were studying for our school or college exams, we were allotted a prescribed syllabus and a book to prepare for it. It was easier to do because once we had finished reading some chapters, we had the confidence to cover them again.

In real-life scenarios, especially when INFJs take on an offbeat road, they find themselves lost in the journey. It happens because, naturally, INFJs find it difficult to track their progress easily.

If you’ve to cover 1000 km by car or bike, you can do it eventually, and you will have a record of how many kilometers you have covered and how much is remaining.


In our real-life scenarios, you have to implement such a strategy to calibrate your journey in smaller milestones. When you start monitoring your journey, you keep track of where you’ve reached till now and how much you need to travel further. This will make your journey a lot easier.

Whatever you pursue, document your journey consistently.

If you’re an athlete, note down the progress that you’ve made over the months.

In the future, when you get demotivated and feel overwhelmed, looking at this tangible form of progress will remind you of your past achievements.

This way you will stay inspired and remain steady on your track.

9. Do it now. This is the right time to do it.

INFJs tend to procrastinate a lot. It’s a truth that INFJs naturally find it difficult to take action because they feel they haven’t still figured it out fully.

Unlike other personality types out there who solely focus on quantity instead of quality, INFJs always aim for quality, authenticity, and accuracy.

But INFJs can never achieve them if they do not start implementing their ideas by taking action on them.

Initially, you will fail, but eventually, you will improve and you will succeed.

The key is to start now. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Fail today to win tomorrow.


Time will pass away. Either you use that time now to see results in the future, or you procrastinate now, waiting for tomorrow to repent for your inaction.

The time is right now. Do it now.

10. Go before the world and show what you’ve got.

The time has arrived for you to establish a new dynamic between what you’ve to offer and what the world needs to take.

As this dynamic builds over time, you’ll reach a fine-tuning where you’ll start to offer value to the world with whatever experience and knowledge you have gathered in the past.

INFJs need to remember that people may not appreciate them in the beginning. But it is vitally important for them to express themselves out and share their brilliant insights with the world.

INFJs have a deep-seated fear of failing and feeling criticized. Unless you consciously remove this fear, you can never be able to shine out.

The more you interact and share your gifts with the world, the more you will start receiving feedback, strengthening your beliefs and thoughts.


And now you will have real proof that, yes, your dreams are becoming a reality even if it’s baby steps.

Now, people won’t doubt you as they used to when you had nothing to prove yourself. 

Bonus Tip


If you want to achieve explosive momentum, here’s a secret hack for you. Remember, this is exclusively for INFJs only.

You love people. You really want to help them, and at the same time, if your efforts are appreciated and acknowledged, it makes your day isn’t it?

Now Imagine that in whatever field you’re excelling in right now. If you get the opportunity to impact people’s lives directly, how would that feel?

Imagine you’re becoming the person who is now able to influence millions of people over the globe, and people are feeling grateful for the contributions you’ve made towards them.

Imagine someone coming up to you, saying you changed their life for their best. How much intense joy would you feel within yourself when you start appreciating yourself for inspiring the world to lead a better path towards a bright future.

The positive feedback you’ll receive will strengthen your good parent Fe, and the perfection you’ve achieved over your craft will convince your child Ti that you’re living the best days of your life.

Now you’ll become unstoppable because now you’ve got a reason to work. The world needs you now. You need to work for them now. And nothing else can inspire an INFJ as much as what this situation does.

This is how you’ll blast your way through success. And this is the exact way how successful INFJs have achieved epic success.


Let’s wrap up. INFJs can blast their way through epic success when they start to dare to reach for the stars. INFJs need to start slow and focus upon learning their craft in close detail.

INFJs must optimize their process to suit their goals, and they need to form a nuanced dynamic between planning and implementation. INFJs need to immerse themselves completely into it, and they are required to develop a custom framework that works for them.

INFJs need to set restore points of progress. They must start taking action now and go before the world to show their talents. INFJs can truly achieve remarkable success when they intend to serve the world with their gifts.

I want you to win, dear INFJ. The world needs you urgently. You need to shine through and bring light in the unending darkness. 

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