The INFJ personality type is the rarest of 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types. Individuals who belong to the INFJ personality type are generally intuitive, passionate, caring, committed, and highly principled individuals. They have an endless quest to look for the deep meaning behind everything. They crave authentic, meaningful relationships and seek a world filled with harmony, love, and peace.

What INFJ stands for?

The letters of the INFJ personality stands for:

IIntroversion, NIntuition, FFeeling, JJudging

How rare is the INFJ Personality Type?

According to The Myers-Briggs Company, INFJ is the rarest personality type, accounting for only 2.3% of the population, whereas 1.3% of men and 3.1% of females belong to the INFJ personality type.

INFJ Personality Strengths and Weaknesses:

INFJ Strengths Vs. Weaknesses


Fiercely committed to their vision.

Highly resilient with a single-minded focus.

Tireless in the pursuit of doing good for humanity.

Highly supportive, appreciative, and encouraging.

Highly respectful of others.

Highly committed in their work, relationships, and friendships.

Highly attuned to the needs and feelings of others.

Have an honest, straightforward, and idealistic approach to life.


Sometimes doesn’t consider other key possibilities.

Ignores reality checks.

Ignores their own practical needs.

Very sensitive to negative criticism and gets hurt easily.

Prone to self-criticism and hates getting ridiculed.

Expect a high level of commitment from others as they promise to deliver.

Gets easily affected by others’ suffering and pain.

A high degree of disdain for dishonest and fake people.

15 words that best describe the INFJ Personality Type:
















INFJ Personality Cognitive Functions:

The following table displays the whole cognitive function stack for the INFJ personality.

SL No.RolesCognitive Functions
1. Dominant/Hero/Heroine/LeadingIntroverted Intuition (Ni)
2. Auxiliary/Good Parent/SupportiveExtraverted Feeling (Fe)
3.Tertiary/ Relief/ Eternal ChildIntroverted Thinking (Ti)
4.Inferior/Aspirational/Anima or AnimusExtraverted Sensing (Se)
5.Opposing/Villian/BackupExtraverted Intuition (Ne)
6.Critical Parent/Witch/Senex/DiscoveryIntroverted Feeling (Fi)
7.Trickster/Blind/Deceiving/ComedicExtraverted Thinking (Te)
8.Demon/Devilish/Angelic/TransformativeIntroverted Sensing (Si)
INFJ Cognitive Function Stack

If you are serious enough to dive deeper into the meaning of cognitive functions, you can check the INFJ cognitive functions.

INFJ Communication Style:

INFJs have a pleasant and friendly way of communicating with others. They like simple, open, and straightforward communication.

INFJ Communication Style

Key Traits of INFJ Communication style:

  • INFJs have a profound love for meaningful and thoughtful Conversations.
  • INFJs love abstract conversations and dislike typical small talk.
  • INFJs look for overall meaning and doesn’t like to focus on the small sensing details which they consider irrevelent.
  • Though INFJs may seem expressive and open to others, they tend to be quiet and reserved when it comes to sharing their personal stuff. They only share their strong feelings with few close ones whom they trust.
  • INFJs are very supportive and encouraging individuals who love to help others and make a positive difference in others’ lives. But if you take their altruistic nature for granted, try to manipulate and take advantage of them, INFJs can shut you out from their life permanently without giving you any clue in advance.
  • INFJs doesn’t like hypocrites and people who have double standards. They mean what they say. Though INFJs can themselves become hypocrites while chasing perfection, they don’t intend to lie to obtain a favorable outcome.
  • It’s not a good idea to expect one word answers from an INFJ. INFJs are abstract feelers and they prefer to express their heart out on any specific thing that concerns them.

FAQs on INFJ Communication Style:

Can INFJs be Manipulative?


Yes, they definitely can. Especially unhealthy INFJs emotionally manipulate others to get love and attention from them. So please beware of the unhealthy INFJs and don’t take unsolicited favors from them. You may get emotionally blackmailed by them in the future.

How to deal with an INFJ who is Stressed?


Ask how you can help them. If you know an INFJ in your close circle, listen to them as they open up to you. Don’t judge them critically and help them to get their feelings out. INFJs find it difficult to process their own feelings since they have Fi(Introverted Feeling) as their shadow function with the critic role. INFJs are extremely self-critical of themselves. If you’re a good old friend of an INFJ, make sure to remind them of their past contributions and achievements, as INFJs tend to nullify them quite often.

Can INFJ be Narcissistic?


No, INFJs are genuine empaths and often become the victims of narcissists. INFJs are more prone to co-dependency.

INFJ Learning Style:

INFJs are natural lifelong learners who are seriously dedicated to personal mastery and self-development. Learning plays a major role in the INFJ personality type. INFJs tend to invest a lot of their time, energy, and emotions into books, courses, and higher studies to expand their knowledge and know-how about life.

INFJs have a sage and scholarly bent of mind, and they continuously seek to gain perspectives to find meaning and purpose in life.

INFJ Learning Style

Key traits of INFJ Learning style:

  • Naturally curious and seek meaning in everything they come across.
  • Look for intense depth into subjects that concerns them and relentlessly follow them till they find a satisfactory closure.
  • Seeks a quiet learning environment where they can pause the process and reflect back on their past to develop their unique insights.
  • Loves to read and watch recorded videos preferably in the comfort of their private space.
  • Takes more time to learn in the beginning but usually becomes a pioneer in their field of expertise while purusing something they’re passionate about.

FAQs on INFJ Learning Style:

How do INFJs Learn?


INFJs learn by playing with the bits and pieces of information they have on their hand. First, they tend to break down the whole thing and learn the individual aspects. Then, once they have understood the individual pieces, they connect them to form their unique intuitive understanding and meaningful conclusions.

How does INFJ Brain work?


The INFJ brain thinks from the inside out. INFJs have Introverted Thinking(Ti) playing the tertiary role, so they think from the inside. As INFJs are Ni heroes, they seek the WHY before jumping into something. Once they have found a satisfactory reason to put their brains into use, they gather deep insights about the topic using their dominant Ni and inferior Se. Then they put themselves into others’ shoes and understand the related feeling one undergoes. Finally, after mixing all the observations and insights, they come to accurate and coherent conclusions using their Ni-Ti functions.

INFJ Leadership Style:

INFJs are natural leaders. They seek to bring out the best in others. However, INFJs don’t take on leadership roles to gain status and importance. Instead, they lead others while advocating for a cause or an idea.

INFJ Leadership Style

Key traits of INFJ Leadership Style:

  • Individuals belonging to the INFJ personality type doesn’t prefer to be in the spotlight unless it’s imperative.
  • INFJs don’t like to pressuruize or command others to follow them. Rather they expect others to have a sense of purpose and work towards a common goal with commitment.
  • Dissent and conflicts doesn’t go well with leaders belonging to the INFJ personality type as they tend to take things personally.
  • INFJ leaders like to work quietly and prefer to prove their competence by their actions, not by their words.

FAQs on INFJ Leadership Style:

Can INFJ be leaders?


Yes, provided they have a strong purpose attached to a cause they’re leading. Individuals belonging to the INFJ personality prefer Introversion, and thus, they don’t prefer frequent interactions with everyone consistently. They normally prefer to take the supportive counsel role for an existing leader who has the conviction and a strong belief in the cause that the INFJ supports. In the absence of such a leader, the INFJ takes on the leadership role to fight for a specific cause.

What kind of Leader is an INFJ?


INFJs become inspiring leaders who encourage others to become the heroes of their own lives. In addition, INFJs’ quiet yet immensely supportive presence subconsciously empowers others to believe in their own abilities to face difficult challenges and overcome them with triumph. Finally, an INFJ leader helps others become the best leaders.

INFJ Friendships Style:

INFJ personality type looks for a friendship that is genuine and is unconditional. Unlike a major chunk of people out there, INFJs don’t like to make friends with the sole aim of receiving special favors from them. Rather they seek out natural friendships that last long-term.

INFJ Friendship Style

Key traits of INFJ Friendship Style:

  • INFJ personality type values honest and modest friendships.
  • INFJ personality type highly values mutual support, integrity and dedication in their friendships.
  • INFJ personality type believes in this statement – “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. INFJs look forward to create best friendships where one can feel vulnerable and at the same time share their issues without the fear of judgement.
  • INFJ personality type doesn’t believe in maintaining a large group of friends where friendship remains just for the name sake.

FAQs on INFJ Friendship Style:

What INFJs seek in a Friendship?


Reciprocity and openness. INFJs love equality in its real sense. They know that every relationship is inherently transactional, and one has to offer something selflessly to get back something in return. INFJs don’t like to be friends with selfish and narcissistic individuals who drain off their energy and make them feel miserable.

Do INFJs have a lot of friends?


INFJs don’t have a large group of friends. They prefer to have a few best friends whom they can count upon. INFJs value long-lasting friendships and put their time, energy, and emotions into flourishing existing friendships.

Do INFJs get along?


Yes, INFJs are highly social persons when they can connect with a similar choice of interest. Though INFJs prefer meaningful and insightful conversations, they can also get into detailed small talk for a short period when a situation demands.

INFJ Love and Relationships:

Love and Relationships play a pivotal role in the life of INFJ personality types. INFJs look for an intense level of idealism in their relationships. INFJs crave deep intimate relationships. They seek soulmates who have similar values and goals in life. Understanding is the number one criteria for choosing a minimum viable romantic relationship for the INFJ personality type.

INFJ Love and Relationships

Key Traits of INFJ Relationship Style:

  • INFJs look for intense, profound, and meaningful relationships.
  • INFJs look for a common ground where they can connect passionately and share deep insights with each other.
  • INFJs heavily dislike partners who are entitled and not willing to put in the work to flourish the relationship.
  • INFJ personality type values honesty and trustworthiness.
  • INFJs have the ability to see beyond the lies. It’s always better to disclose the uncomfortable facts rather than hide it from your INFJ partner. Once an INFJ loses trust, it becomes very difficult to gain it back.
  • INFJ personality type need words of affirmation to feel loved and cared.
  • INFJs seek relationships where both can mutually grow and develop together. INFJs doesn’t like partners who are not interested in personal development.
  • INFJs look for perfection in their relationships and often times it becomes a hassle when they or their partners are unable to meet the high standards which they have set beforehand.

FAQs on INFJ Love and Relationships:

Are INFJs good lovers?


Yes, INFJs become the best lovers when they meet the right person who understands them naturally and compliments their quirks. INFJs invest a huge amount of their energy and emotions into their relationships to make sure their partners feel special and always loved.

How can an INFJ find love?


INFJs can find love by doing what they love and meeting like-minded persons who share the same values and goals. INFJs will find it difficult to find the love of their life if they don’t work upon themselves and their purpose. Once an INFJ finds self-love and works on their personal development, unlimited ideal dating opportunities open up to them.

Which personality type goes best with INFJ?


Definitely, no other personality type can understand an INFJ better than the INFJ personality type. Apart from an INFJ, the NF personality types(ENFJ, ENFP, and INFP) also share a deep natural bonding with the INFJ personality type respectively in unique separate ways.

Are INFJs romantic?


Yes, absolutely. INFJs are intensely romantic individuals, but they don’t open up to people they can’t trust enough. INFJs take time to be their true selves in a relationship. You can unleash their most romantic side if you are willing enough to know deeply about them.

INFJ Intimacy Style:

INFJ personality types highly value intimacy in their romantic relationships. INFJs have Extraverted Sensing (Se) as their inferior function playing the aspiring role, and they crave physical touch in their intimate relationships.

INFJ Intimacy Style

Key Traits of INFJ Intimacy Style:

  • INFJ personality types have an intense need for intimacy, although they remain secretive about it, unless they have partners who share similar expectations.
  • Many INFJs have kinks and fetishes that are unique to them. Unless you’re too close and intimately trusted by them, you won’t be able to discover their hidden side.
  • INFJs love to plan the intimate sessions beforehand and puts forth a lot of emphasis on foreplay.
  • INFJs ideally look for long uninterrpted sessions of love making in a quiet, cozy space.
  • INFJs find intimacy as a tool to connect spiritually with each other and they seek to improve themselves in this regard.
  • INFJs hate casual hookups, though some of them like the idea of friends with benefits.

Are INFJs good in bed?


It depends upon your perspective. INFJs are generally the best lovers who would go to maximum lengths to get you the maximum pleasure you can ever imagine. But, physically, INFJs are not the best natural performers in bed as compared to the sensing types, unless they have worked on their fitness levels and practiced it consistently.

Who are INFJs most attracted to?


INFJs being the Si inferiors are most naturally attracted to Se dominants(ESTPs and ESFPs). But when overall attraction is concerned, then INFJs and ENFPs become the best bet. INFJ-INFJ sexual compatibility is highly rewarding, and it has a different flavour as compared to INFJ-ENFP sexual compatibility. Both of them are equally rewarding in the long term but in different ways. Apart from these personality types, INFJs share a strong attraction towards the other iNtuitive feelers – ENFJs and INFPs.

INFJ Careers:

One of the key aspects of life where INFJs suffer the most is choosing a suitable career. Unfortunately, most INFJs come to know about their personality type later when it becomes quite late and difficult to choose their dream career right from scratch.

Though it’s always better to be late than never, at least INFJs should get the opportunity to know what careers personally suits them the most. Even though you may not be able to get your time back and complete the formal education for your dream career, at least you can make efforts to do something that you are still passionate about, and it makes sense to pursue it. The most suitable career options for an INFJ are those that provide deep satisfaction, personal meaning, and a sense of purpose in the INFJ’s life.

INFJ Careers

Here are the key attributes of an ideal INFJ Career path:

  1. An opportunity to work for the greater good and bring a lasting positive impact in the world.
  2. Opportunities that focus on the big picture, involve conceptual awareness and take into account the emotional, spiritual, and future needs of people.
  3. Dealing with complex tasks that require deep introspection and a thorough understanding of the subject matter.
  4. Opportunities that provide autonomy, space, and time to work independently.
  5. Low-Stress environment.
  6. A quiet and organized work setting with no to minimal distractions.
  7. Anything that doesn’t require INFJs to compromise with their integrity.
  8. A work setting where human values are respected and given utmost weightage.
  9. A workplace where the contributions of every team member (Including INFJs) are appreciated and acknowledged.
  10. Careers that allow an INFJ to learn, grow and expand their knowledge and expertise.
  11. Careers that pay well and allow INFJs to live their life with ample financial freedom.

Here are the best-proven career options for the INFJ Personality Type:

  1. Counseling – Counsellor, Clinical Psychologist, Speech Pathologist.
  2. Educator – Professor, Teacher, Private Tutor.
  3. Writer – Anything that the INFJ can personally relate to.
  4. Healthcare Professional – Physician, Therapist, Nutritionist.
  5. Scientific Research – Environmental Scientists, Chemists, Food Scientists.
  6. Life Coach.
  7. Artist – Music director, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer.
  8. Trainer – HR Manager, Corporate Trainer, Fitness Consultant.
  9. Charity Worker – Advocate for a cause they strongly believe in.
  10. Entrepreneur – Creating a dream business that upholds the ideals and values of the INFJ.

If you’re looking for in-depth intel about the best INFJ careers, then check the Best INFJ Career paths that make money.

INFJ Celebrities

  • Armin Van Buuren
  • Mike Shinoda
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Simon Sinek
  • Cate Blanchett
  • Aishwarya Rai
  • J.K. Rowling
  • Al Pacino
  • Rooney Mara
  • Evan Carmichael

Other Frequently Asked Questions about the INFJ Personality Type:

How to spot an INFJ?


INFJs are future-oriented, highly intuitive individuals who strive to maintain idealism in their professional and personal lives. INFJs prefer to exert their influence quietly. They are extremely helpful individuals, but they won’t open up easily in large social meetings. They prefer to interact with like-minded people, preferably one-to-one or usually in small groups.

How to deal with the INFJ Personality Type?


Listen to them and don’t come to conclusions instantly. INFJ Personality types find it difficult to communicate their intuitive insights to you. It’s not natural for INFJ personality types to communicate with concrete sensing details, so don’t have high expectations from them. Give them time and ask questions if you have any doubts. INFJs love to communicate with deeper clarity. INFJs prefer to speak in abstract terms that has a profound meaning attached to it.


In this blog, we discussed what the INFJ personality type is? First, we discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the INFJ personality type. Then, we listed the 15 words that describe the INFJ personality type. Then, we listed the cognitive functions and their roles in the INFJ personality type. Next, we covered the key traits that define the INFJ personality type in various aspects of life, starting from INFJ Communication style, INFJ Learning style, INFJ Leadership style, INFJ Friendship style, INFJ Love and Relationships, INFJ Intimacy style to INFJ Careers. Finally, we listed 10 INFJ celebrities and covered the frequently asked questions (FAQs) under each relevant section.

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