Are you an INFJ looking to develop the ultimate winning mindset that actually works for you? INFJ personality type is the rarest of all the 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types in the world. 

The winning strategies that work for the most commonly found personality types need not necessarily work out for the rare INFJ personality type. The thinking pattern of an INFJ vastly differs from most other personality types because of their differently prioritized cognitive function stack. 

It’s difficult for an INFJ to develop a winning mindset while learning it from their parents and teachers who do not know much about the INFJ personality type. It’s not easy for other personality types to dig deep into the psyche of an INFJ’s mind and understand their deep motivations and stimulations.

As an INFJ myself, I have tried to find out the seven best ways an INFJ can follow to develop the ultimate winning mindset to achieve victory in all of their pursuits from the best of my knowledge and experience. 

Here are they as follows.

Your Fear is your pathway.


Never ignore your fears. It wants you to say something. If you can interpret it while being in a calm and composed state, you will find the hidden message behind it.

Usually, we learn to stay all positive and overlook our fears that keep troubling us the most. If you look closely at your fears, you will find a pattern that keeps repeating.

As we suppress our fears, it hides stealthily inside our mind. When it gets triggered while experiencing specific emotions, we lose control over ourselves, and the little hidden fear now transforms into a colossal demon which seems difficult to be defeated.

As an INFJ, you can understand this pattern using your Introverted Intuition (Ni) and Introverted Thinking (Ti). 

For example, suppose you have a fear of ghosts and evil spirits. After watching haunted movies, your hidden fears will get triggered, and then you avoid sleeping alone in a dark room at night for the next few consecutive days.


If you want to get rid of this fear, I suggest you watch Youtube channels that research paranormal activities. You will realize that spirits exist, even we are spirits with a human body, but the extent to which things get exaggerated in movies doesn’t apply in the real world.

Similarly, if you have a fear that you’ll lose your source of income and you’ll live a life of poverty, then dig deep inside your mind and ask yourself, why do you feel like this? Is it something about the present career you’re not confident about, or is it something else? 

Ask such kind of questions to yourself and experience your fears wholly. Once you’re able to understand the reason behind your worries, you will also get rid of them. Your truth-seeking Introverted Thinking (Ti) cognitive function will provide you the solution and prevent you from falling into the same trap as before.

Don’t hesitate to look inside your fears. Anyways, we all are going to die one day. The maximum loss that we can endure is death. 

Don’t let this fear ruin your remaining life. 

You have to pay the price.

When you shop on an online store, you select the items and add them to your cart. Finally, you get redirected to a page where you’re asked to pay the bill.

If you go back or quit the page, you can never get those items unless you make the final purchase and your order gets confirmed for delivery. 

Similarly, all good things will have a price tag in life, and if you want them by your side, you have to pay their price. We all know this, especially INFJs, but why do we forget when the right occasion knocks on our door?

It is because we think we deserve it already. We need not pay the price.


Make no mistake, my dear INFJ friend. Nothing comes for free. 

Whether you’re trying to build a business – you pay the price of setting it up from Zero.

Whether you’re trying to build your career – you pay the price of going to college for a degree and then working hard to gain relevant experience in your field, starting as a fresher.

Whether you’re looking for a life partner – you pay the price of building yourself up, working on yourself, your body, leveling your finances, and getting your life in order. 

Out of all the costs you pay, your sweat equity is one you must pay. And sometimes life will charge you unfair prices. 

Be willing to pay, when life demands it from you.

Your imagination is your superpower.

INFJs are cerebral beings. The following quote holds perfectly true for INFJs. 

This world is but a canvas to our imagination – Henry David Thoreau.

Your imagination can become a catalyst in your victory. At the same time, your imagination is the one that can also become your biggest roadblock in preventing you from achieving success in life.

Your imagination can either become your best friend, saving you from all obstacles, or it can become your worst enemy failing you in the best of the best situations. 


What goes in an INFJ’s mind manifests in their reality.

All it needs is a deliberate habit of what you feed into your imagination and how your mind reacts to it. 

If you consistently imagine yourself in the worst-case scenarios, your mind and body go into a defensive state. And you can’t play the best game while being in this state.

Instead of that, train your imagination to unleash the superpower that it secretly holds for you.

You need to get permission from your imagination first before you put your feet forward towards victory.

Immerse yourself in all those experiences that make you believe – Victory is the best orgasm one can ever get. It is why I am a big fan of endorsing motivational videos for the INFJ personality type.

Once you get the solid positive vibes rolling in, draw parallels to where you’re currently and what’s the next step you need to do right now to witness the real victory down the road.

A series of small wins finally leads to a grand victory.

Never feel worried about the big victories you’re chasing. You can never chase them successfully just using your willpower. 


By winning daily at your micro-goals, you develop your subconscious to believe that winning is an easy task for you, and you can win every day, every single hour.

Whatever your micro-goals are, make sure you gain firm control over your temptations, as the whole purpose of setting and achieving micro-goals is to make yourself believe that you can win anything once you win yourself.

It’s difficult for INFJs to maintain parallel identities. It’s difficult for us to practice fakery. Whatever we do, we do it with purpose and with all our heart. Staying honest with yourself will reward you in the long run.

If you keep practicing small wins and stay committed to your micro-goals, you train yourself to become a winner at everything in your life that comes under your control. When the right occasion comes, it doesn’t become difficult to achieve that victory which once seemed impossible to you.

Choose your will.

Remember, we’re not those personality types who get inspired to work because everyone else is doing that, and there’s no other way apart from it. We get inspired when we get to choose our will and our freedom.

And freedom comes with a price, and along with freedom comes responsibility. To ensure you don’t exploit your freedom, always seeking instant gratification, often, you need to choose your will wisely. 


Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space, we have the power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.

As you choose your will consciously over everything else, it allows you to develop a strong, clear mindset tuned towards ultimate victory.

Ask yourself, How many times has it slipped your mind when you thought to finish a micro-task like watching a video, writing a mini mail to someone, or just logging into some dashboard to check something?  If you’re not intentional about something, you can’t achieve that.

Whether small or big, it is crucial for an INFJ to wilfully commit themselves to every goal till its completion to achieve massive results in life. 

Be willful and intentional about every single thing you’re pursuing to win.

Building the process is the key.


The process will take care of everything. Put in the work. The process will deliver you the results.

As an INFJ, you are always keen to explore new ways, new methods, and new concepts, thereby improving everything around you. You are very well versed in understanding what works and what doesn’t. 

But INFJs also have a natural weakness of not being consistent at what they pursue. When INFJs become curious to learn something new, they forget to follow the regular habits they have practiced wilfully in the past.

Consequently, INFJs realize they’re not getting the optimum results. INFJs then start looking back and see that they’ve missed out on many things which they had planned before. INFJs observe that they’re going on the right track initially, but they lost track of where they wanted to reach over time.

INFJs need to understand that they have Introverted Sensing (Si) demon in their cognitive function stack. Introverted Sensing (Si) is a perceiving function that allows you to access the internal sensing data through your memories and compare it with the present sensing data.

The sensing data refers to numbers, pictures, conversations, a route that you already traveled, music, flavor, smell, etc., that you have already collected before using your Extraverted Sensing (Se).

What is demonic behavior? To understand the concept of demonic behavior, consider this example – In haunted movies when a ghost arrives in a room during the night. The lamp flickers unexpectedly, eerie sounds come and goes, and various paranormal events take place.


Now, in this context, what is a lamp supposed to do? It is supposed to provide constant illumination around it. Under the influence of the ghost (Demon), the lamp cannot consistently perform what it is supposed to do. It is supposed to stay lighted until it’s switched off, but it starts flickering, thereby not able to fulfill the purpose it’s meant to serve.

Coming back to your cognitive function stack, Si demon will sometimes work efficiently, and sometimes it will betray you. 

The solution is to build a process where your bare dependency on Introverted Sensing (Si) stays minimum. For example, if you forget to pay various bills in time, put standing instructions for it and create reminders on the due date.

If you’re a music producer, make sure you save your favorite sound designs and keep them ready for use. Whenever you feel inspired to compose, you will not be required to access your old memories in detail and again build your custom sound design from scratch. Instead, you can click on your saved sound theme and start producing music continuing with the flow.

If you’re pursuing a fitness goal and go to the gym regularly, keep your gym bag ready the previous night before you sleep (assuming your gym hours are early in the morning.)

Once you automate the process, it becomes super easy for you to chase goals. And building the process also convinces your subconscious that you’re well prepared and serious about winning.

Once you start performing efficiently with confidence, no one can stop you from developing the ultimate winning mindset.

Re-define your Mindset.

To redefine your mindset, you need to align your powerful vision towards the person you eventually want to become.

Don’t have this vision – Life is hard and unfair. Nothing comes for easy. I always have to sacrifice something to get anything. Can I ever live a life of peace without tension and stress? What else do I need to pay to get everything in order? Will society respect me for who I am? How long do I need to suffer to prove my worth? When will God listen to my prayers?

Instead of that fill your mind with this vision – Life is hard and unfair, and whatever, I can’t change that. So, why unnecessarily think about something that I don’t have control over.

Ask yourself, do you have control over the weather? No, right. 

Natural calamities occur, and we don’t have any control over them. How the people of Japan frequently endure earthquakes, tsunamis every now and then. They lost their families, jobs, businesses, homes, but still, they stood up on their feet and started working to build everything again up from scratch.

Say the following words to yourself.

No matter whatever difficulties I face, whatever obstacles I have to clear, whatever calamities I have to endure, I am ready to push forward myself irrespective of whatever failures I face (as they’re a sweet reminder of my consistent progress towards an epic victory). 


I am a challenger, and it gives me goosebumps to challenge what everyone thinks to be impossible. When everyone else is busy proving their fake greatness in the world, I will choose to fail miserably. I will choose to learn again and again and again till there’s no AGAIN.

People may diminish my worth, they may laugh at my present condition, they may try to disrespect me in all ways, but I will LAUGH at them. I will laugh because they’re the ones who will be the first to ask me how I did it. I won’t care about them. You know why? Because they can never understand who I am. I know how to disintegrate myself from everything to nothing to align myself with my true life purpose and then rise like a phoenix right from the ashes. 

But, I have to prove to myself that my words are still weaker than my massive actions. I will designate my ACTIONS to speak for myself. I don’t have much time left, and I don’t want my soul to mourn after my death about my inaction to have taken my life challenges head-on.

Here’s a message for my soul – “Dear soul, your aspirations will be fulfilled by me in this lifetime before I lay on my death bed, I promise you.

Till I am alive, as life hits me hard, I will retaliate.


Let’s wrap up. As an INFJ, you can develop an ultimate winning mindset if you follow these seven steps. Start facing your fears and overcome them. Be ready to pay the price if you want to win the big game. Your imagination is your superpower. Use it to your advantage. Keep winning the small game. A series of small wins will ensure you a grand victory. Choose your will consciously over everything and be deliberate to win. Build a process that helps you stay inspired and efficient. Finally, you need to redefine your mindset to think, feel, and perform like a challenger who is always up for the challenges to win over them.

Remember, my dear INFJ friend, if you persist at something long enough, you will succeed at it for sure. To keep up with that persistence, you need the winning mindset.

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