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Do you want to know the 11 Best INFJ Careers that make money? Are you an INFJ looking for the perfect career that suits your personal needs, offers you a life purpose to pursue, and provides you with tons of fulfillment? Are you an INFJ currently going through an INFJ career crisis? If you’re going through one, then let me tell you – You’re not alone.

It’s difficult and tiresome to find the perfect INFJ career that brings you fulfillment and, at the same time, earns you a decent livelihood. I have been there, and I have switched more than six careers in my total lifetime, and you know what, it’s pretty common to most INFJs I have ever known.

Before we delve deeper into each of the 11 Best INFJ Careers, I want to share my 11 key observations and findings when it comes to choosing an excellent career for the rarest INFJ personality type.

These are the common INFJ career aspirations:

  1. INFJs seek for a personal meaning in their career that defines their ‘WHY?’
  2. INFJs look for a career opportunity where they’re able to acitvely help people.
  3. INFJs have a burning desire to create a powerful positive social impact.
  4. INFJs seek absolute financial freedom and luxury to a point where they can lead a minimalistically comfortable life at their own terms.
  5. INFJs have a strong need for autonomy and independence.
  6. INFJs are highly ambitious individuals yet despise to rise up the corporate ladder.
  7. INFJs hate playing petty politics at workplace.
  8. INFJs hate micro-management by their bosses and superiors.
  9. INFJs like open communication and dislike professions where they’re required to adopt double standards.
  10. INFJs dislike bureaucratic work environments.
  11. INFJs like to thrive in a career and work-environment that promotes growth, equality and provides opportunities to learn, discover, and share their deep insights with others to bring an impact.

If you’re an INFJ, you would be able to relate to most of the career aspirations listed above. However, many INFPs get mistyped as INFJs, and the INFP career aspirations are similar yet quite different from ours.

INFPs have a more substantial need for social status and social belonging than INFJs, who are relatively more comfortable becoming lone wolves to pursue their purpose. For example – INFPs also love to live a life of purpose and meaning, but they won’t take huge risks like INFJs to live their dream.

INFPs can tap into their Te (Extroverted Thinking) inferior function, view themselves from society or external viewpoints, and take calculated risks. Also, since INFPs have Se (Extroverted Sensing) that plays the blind role, they are less able to tap into this function, and thus, they take lesser risks in the real world.

On the other hand, for INFJs, Te (Extroverted Thinking) plays a blind role, and thus we are more prone to miscalculate risks. While we have Se (Extroverted Sensing) as our aspiration role, INFJs aspire to take more risks in the real world.

Before we proceed further, I want to clarify my perspective on the present-day job market, the fastly changing world we live in, and our life aspirations as an INFJ. As you know, in the last few years things have changed tremendously. Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, many people got fired from their jobs, many businesses went bankrupt, and many considered starting a new career from scratch to meet their ends.

Few conclusions I have drawn that one must keep in mind while pursuing a career in the present day.

  1. Online presence is extrememly crucial for all businesses.
  2. You have to develop a set of minimum career skills in the modern-day world that brings food to your table.
  3. You must choose a career based on your natural strengths, as the competition is getting tougher in the market.
  4. You must have a clear picture about yourself, your career, and how it’s going to progress in atleast the next 5 years as times are changing really fast.

These observations apply to everyone irrespective of all personality types. But, when it comes to the INFJ personality type, we have three basic requirements in life. They are:

a) Freedom of TIME.

b) Freedom of CHOICE.

c) Freedom of SPACE.

This article will list all careers that meet these three basic needs that every INFJ aspires to achieve. Remember, FREEDOM comes with financial independence. So, if you’re serious about attaining freedom, you have to become self-employed eventually. So, in this post, you will come across all the best INFJ career alternatives where you can naturally excel, earn a lot of money without compromising your values and ideals and work independently without the pressure of working from a fixed location.

Let’s see the best 11 INFJ Careers that make money and bring fulfillment in life without further ado.

1. Writer

Writing is one of the most evergreen INFJ careers that make money, and it offers INFJs the best opportunity to make a huge creative impact. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics 2020, the annual mean salary for writers across all categories in the US ranges from $76,270 to $78,680. So, you can earn a decent income if you choose to pursue a career in writing. But you can make far more than these figures.

Best INFJ Career #1 – Writer

Why are INFJs good writers?  

Writing is all about simple and clear communication, and writing comes naturally to INFJs. I have seen so many INFJs earn a living as content writers, bloggers, authors, technical writers, and copywriters. INFJs can maneuver through complex data and concepts and simplify them in the most easily understandable terms.

INFJs are great at expressing their thoughts on paper. Even though you’re not naturally good at impromptu speeches, you have the exceptional ability to frame the perfect sentences and fit the right words to touch the reader’s heart. Your Ni Hero makes it easier to understand various perspectives, and your Fe parent knows how to express your message in the best way possible.

As a content writer, you will be required to write content based on a particular niche or a set of topics, and you’ll be paid for that. Content is king, and if you can deliver good quality content for a particular audience, you have unlimited earning opportunities.

PROs and CONs for INFJs as Writers


  1. You can earn six figures and beyond just by writing, if you’re willing to create your own online business.
  2. You can choose any niche that resonates with your interests and get paid to write for it.
  3. You get the opportunity to work from any place as all it needs is an internet connection to send your work to your clients.
  4. As an Introvert, you would love the freedom to work from your comfort zone without having to travel to office and deal with others.
  5. You don’t need a degree to become a writer.


  1. Requires a lot of discipline and hardwork in the beginning phase when you would lack confidence to believe in yourself.
  2. You have to get rid of INFJ perfection tendencies in order to write more and create a daily successful habit of writing.
  3. You have to figure out your own path by trials and errors unlike the traditional jobs where there is job security and a certain known path for career progression.

2. Family Physician

A career in family medicine can be highly rewarding as it’s one of the highly reputable INFJ careers that make money. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics 2020, the annual mean salary for family medicine physicians in the US is $214,370.

Best INFJ Career #2- Family Physician

The clinical specialty of family practice is patient centered, evidence based,family focused, and problem oriented. Family physicians acquire and maintain a broad array of competencies that depend on the needs of the patients and communities they serve. The scope of their practice is not defined by diagnoses or procedures but by human needs. Family physicians do not treat diseases; they take care of people.

Family physicians are expert at managing common complaints, recognizing important diseases, uncovering hidden conditions, and managing most acute and chronic illnesses. They emphasize health promotion and disease prevention. Their knowledge, skills, and attitudes target community practice, current science, and continuous quality improvement. Family practice has a distinct clinical approach that requires special skills to identify concerns, focus issues, negotiate plans, and help solve problems.

Phillips WR, Haynes DG. The domain of family practice: scope, role, and function. Fam Med. 2001 Apr;33(4):273-7. PMID: 11322520.

Why INFJs can become good Family Physicians? 

If you become a family physician, your role will be to provide comprehensive primary care to people regardless of age, gender, or illness. The best thing about becoming a doctor is that you’ll be able to help people directly in a fulfilling way.

But there are doctors with different medical specialties, and you, as an INFJ, won’t be the right fit for all of them. According to a study on “Personality profiling of the modern surgical trainee,” it was found that most of the surgeons were xSTJs. Primary Si-Te users are known to be more pragmatic and systematic than most other personality types. A typical medical surgeon has to be objective in his approach, follow the existing medical procedures and stay present at the moment for long hours without getting overwhelmed.

INFJs, on the other hand, find it quite hard to keep focusing on sensitive sensory details. As a result, INFJs can quickly get drained physically and mentally while pursuing such sensory demanding activities. It happens because INFJs have Extraverted Sensing(Se) as their 4th (inferior) function in their cognitive stack. So, it’s not natural for an INFJ to tap into this function frequently and keep using it for extended periods.

INFJs are big picture thinkers and are more naturally comfortable looking at problems from a holistic point of view since INFJs are Ni(Introverted Intuition) dominants. As a family physician, you will be the first point of contact when your patients are sick. They will come to you first and seek resolution. You would only recommend them to seek a specialist’s help when a scenario seems to be beyond your diagnosis.

There would be a lot of patients who would visit you repeatedly and seek your help. It will be easier for you to track their past medical history, find patterns with their genetic and hereditary health issues, and provide the best preventive, long-term solutions.

INFJs are gifted with the power to understand issues profoundly and find the root cause behind them. In addition, since you have Ni-Ti combination in your function stack, you have the analytical abilities to figure out concepts and logically connect abstract data.

And especially, when it comes to people issues, as a Fe(Extraverted Feeling) parent, you’ll be more serious about learning the significance and impact behind health issues that you would typically come across.

Suppose you’re interested in pursuing medicine and becoming a family physician. In that case, you’ll undoubtedly gain a lot of popularity because of your diligence and commitment to serving your patients and offering them the best solution.

Apart from diagnosing and offering the right course of medical treatment, all patients expect friendly and caring behavior towards them. Unlike the ExTJs, INFJs naturally have high emotional intelligence. Therefore, your warm and welcoming demeanor will comfort your patients, and they will appreciate that.

PROs and CONs for INFJs as a Family Physician


  1. You’ll receive high social acceptance and understanding from others as compared to other professions. Unlike other freelance professions, where you may or may not recieve social appreciation and recognition, as a doctor you will gain all of them easily with your efforts.
  2. You can earn high income easily without taking the hassle to hustle between different freelancing gigs.
  3. It’s a highly fulfilling career option for you, as you get the opportunity to help people and make a real difference in their lives every single day.


  1. You have to be highly competitive and determined to get an admission into a medical college as the acceptance rates are extremely low.
  2. The study of medicine is primarily tailored towards the Si-Te users. It involves memorisation of different concepts without much focus on developing inquisitiveness and how everything connects together to produce a certain impact. INFJs need to use their intuition and external experiences to figure out the logical connections that would make sense to them.
  3. You have to spend a total of 9-12 years in training before you start practicising on your own.
  4. The financial toll for the 4 years of your medical schooling will be huge and you have to find a way to manage those expenses.

3. Teacher

Teaching is one of the best INFJ careers that make money, as INFJs are naturally exceptional teachers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics 2020, the annual mean salary for teachers across all domains in the US ranges from $36,550 to $134,760.

Best INFJ Career #3 – Teacher

Why INFJs are good at teaching?

INFJs are Fe parents as they have Fe (Extraverted Feeling) as their auxiliary function. So, it naturally enables an INFJ to empathize with others’ feelings. As a teacher, not only you’re required to have a deeper understanding of the subject, but also you must be able to understand the emotions of your students, clear their doubts and eventually offer clarity over the subject.

Since INFJs operate in the Fe-Ti axis, INFJs tend to absorb external feelings using Fe and try to find logic using Ti behind those feelings. When it comes to Teaching, the Fe-Ti users will find it easier to understand where the other person cannot catch up since they will be able to relate with their feelings (with Fe). At the same time, they will be fast enough to find out the wrong logic (with Ti) that’s leading to a false interpretation.

Also, INFJs being the Ni dominants, always focus on the bigger picture. The presence of Ni helps to explain to their fellow students what the final goal of a particular lesson is and how different concepts are connected to it. Every personality type has to use Introverted Intuition(Ni) to find meaning behind something. INFJs having Ni as their dominant function excel at understanding and finding the overall meaning behind anything. It helps the INFJ to become an extraordinary teacher in every single domain of interest.

Different Career opportunities in Teaching for INFJs:

Even though Teaching is one of the best-recommended INFJ careers that make money, it’s entirely up to you to choose the teaching role that suits your vision, purpose, and personal interests. If you’re passionate about Teaching, not only can you choose the traditional teaching roles, but also you can create a new teaching opportunity altogether and build a profitable yet immensely fulfilling career in Teaching.

Some of the popular teaching career options are as follows:

University Professor

Most INFJs excel at formal education, and a lot of them pursue higher education, getting master’s degrees and PhDs. INFJs don’t believe in doing something just for its sake or gaining a certain social status in society. Whatever you do, you do it with a sense of purpose, and you have a natural curiosity to learn while going deep to find the hidden meaning.

If you believe in the power of education and if you’re committed enough to bring a positive change in society through the framework of the education system, you can become a university professor and teach whatever you’re most passionate about. There are a lot of INFJs who are University Professors. This profession would allow you to lead a financially, socially, and purposefully fulfilling life.

School Teachers

If you’re comfortable teaching kids, teenage boys, and teenage girls, and if you’re willing to make a positive impact in their lives, you can consider becoming a teacher at the elementary and higher secondary level.

A student’s mental conditioning in his early teenage years primarily determines his future for the rest of his life. So it’s a crucial period for them, and they look for role models in their teachers to understand and navigate through life.

Usually, INFJs look for challenging situations to solve a more significant problem and bring an enormous impact. And generally, in schools, you would instead find a monotonous and predictable teaching environment that may not appeal to you intuitively.

But if you look forward to bringing a positive behavioral and ethical change in your student’s life, then you’ll find this role exciting as well as challenging. It will push you to think of new ways to impart education to your students and convey the hidden message beyond the context of regular textbooks.

If you’re passionate about transforming the future generation, this role will offer you the best opportunity to bring the most significant impact on someone’s life.

Kindergarten Teachers

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics 2020, the annual mean salary for Kindergarten Teachers across all roles in the US ranges from $42,570 to $64,790.

My mom is an INFJ, and she genuinely loves playing with kids. Though she had been a lovely caring mother and an ideal housewife for the last four decades, if she were allowed to choose a career that she would be most passionate about, she would have preferred to become a kindergarten teacher.

INFJ women are feminine by nature, and they fit into the motherly roles very well. If you are into kids and have a natural affinity towards them, you can become the best kindergarten teacher. After gaining experience, you can start your kindergarten school or share your expertise with the world by starting your business venture.

Don’t look at the official income statistics. If you’re genuinely interested in playing with kids and teaching them, you can easily earn six figures by starting your own blog.

Online Educator

If you don’t want to limit yourself to traditional teaching roles, you can create unique teaching opportunities. For example, if you have learned something valuable and believe that this information will change someone’s life, you can impart your valuable knowledge by creating online courses.

You can start creating and selling your own online courses for FREE here.

PROs and CONs for INFJs as a Teacher


  1. You get an amazing opportunity to teach, share your insights and bring a positive impact in your student’s life.
  2. You get to experience the “AHA” moments when your students finally understand your message.
  3. You get social regonition, respect and acceptance when you work for a teaching instituition.
  4. You get to earn a good amount of money.
  5. You get to enjoy the summer vacations.


  1. You get demotivated when there is lack of support from administration.
  2. You may feel stuck in a role that doesn’t satisfy your financial ambitions.
  3. You may have to deal with difficult students who’re not willing to listen and learn.


In this post, we discussed 3 of the 11 best infj careers that make money. We discussed the INFJ’s potential for each career type, the Pros and Cons of INFJs for each career type, and how INFJs are naturally suited to excel in those careers. We will be discussing three of the remaining best INFJ careers that make money in the next blog post.

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