It’s not easy for anyone to come out of their rock-bottoms and get everything back to normal. Especially for INFJs, it’s difficult because the advice given by most people is not fully applicable to an INFJ’s life. But this is the chance for you to start a new life altogether and transform yourself into the person you always wanted to become.

I have a message for you. Treat these dark moments of your life as a rite of passage. Whatever happens, it happens for good. Nothing happens without a plan. I know it will be difficult to accept the current reality, but I want to tell you that this time will be a blessing in disguise for you. Do not dwell on your present hardships’ pains, zero in your focus on what you always wanted to achieve in life.  

Many INFJs go through this phase and gain many perspectives on the meaning and destination of human lives.

But you need to understand this fact that you need to give your best and make consistent efforts to make sure you come out of this phase as soon as possible. The following tips will help you a lot to gain a fresh perspective on your life.

You’re special. Remember that

Neither do I know you personally, nor I can say if you’re going to be very successful in life. But I know one thing that if you’re an INFJ, you’re unique. Remember, you’re one of those who thinks in a way that’s similar to only 1% of the total world’s population.

Your specialty lies in your uniqueness. Don’t compare yourself with other types because it would be meaningless to resemble an elephant with a whale. Both of them have different capabilities; both are special in their ways.

As humans, we are so similar, but our preferences vary a lot. Therefore, the choices we make, the decisions we choose, and the purpose for which we breathe are different. It’s an unfortunate reality that the majority dominates the minority. 

But I want to emphasize this point that we are born to become the light in the dark, a beautiful flower in a barren desert, a ray of hope in a world of pain and hopelessness. Believe me, my dear INFJ friend- You’re very special.   

Align yourself with the divine purpose of your life

Ask yourself this question why were you born in this world. If God sent you to this world, then what could be the reason behind it. Every single individual in this world is unique in themselves, but the fact is that people rarely acknowledge it.

For other personality types except for INTJs, this question won’t be that important, but for you, this is exceptionally vital to understand your life’s purpose. Unless you are clear with your goal, you will always lead a dissatisfied life.

Your dominant Ni (Introverted Intuition) always seeks meaning and purpose in whatever you do. So, you must align your Ni with the divine purpose of your life if you want to make it epic.

Accept the reality

If you feel like your luck will improve one day and bring you out of the rock bottom you’re in currently, I am sorry to say it will never happen. It will never happen if you blame your fate and do not take responsibility for yourself.

Life might not have treated you well. You might have faced unforeseen unfortunate moments in your life. But you know, if you keep lamenting about your past, how will you create the fantastic future that’s just waiting before you? Yes, beautiful life awaits those who have lived the darkest days of their life.

Sensing is not one of our top preferences, due to which it becomes difficult for us to stay abreast of our current reality. But it is very much possible to do the needful if we consciously practice it.

Suppose there’s an election going on for the post of president, the only candidate will win who will receive the highest no of votes, even if you don’t personally like that candidate who has won the election. You must accept the reality you’re in if you want to change it in your favor. As soon as you come to grips with your present, you start building your future from ground zero.

Rely on your vision

As an INFJ, you are gifted with an incredible vision to find excellent solutions for yourself and the world. You might have underestimated it till now because hardly people around you have recognized your immense power of imagination.

Around 70% of the world’s population has a sensing preference over intuition, so it would be typical for sensors to criticize your vision until it has manifested in the world. Even other intuitive types can also pick holes in your insights, terming it absurd and useless.

But remember, it is your vision that will make you shine like a bright star in the dark sky, provided you follow your dream and manifest it into reality.

The best vision will develop when you get obsessed with solving a prevailing issue of the world. It will come through repetitions, revisions, and practice. But unless you start taking action on your vision and rely on it up to a noticeable extent, the best desirable results won’t appear for you.

Get Laser Focused

The key to success for INFJs is to stay laser-focused on their goals. You can call it a boon or a curse, but it’s difficult for you to multitask because your mind is not cognitively equipped to handle this.

Since you’re Ni dominant (your first function is Introverted Intuition (Ni)), you are naturally tuned to fetch the best results when you stay laser-focused. But you can only achieve this state of laser focus once you start making it a habit to stay away from the distractions and immerse yourself fully in the purpose of your goals.

So, use it to your advantage and overcome your biggest obstacles with this powerful gift of yours. 

Work with consistency and develop a habit

As an INFJ, you are very flexible in understanding different perspectives on a single subject. Therefore, you can exercise an adequate control over the variety of thoughts that come to your head.

But there’s a trap which you need to consciously remember that you are not good at exercising control over your actions due to your inferior Se (Extraverted Sensing). There will be some times when you will feel like you can conquer the world, everything is so easy, you can do whatever you want, you’re just unstoppable.

Whereas on other occasions, you will also face extremely negative emotions that will cause you to invalidate your existence. During this time, you will feel like a cloud of gloom, and never-ending darkness has been surrounding you forever. It often happens with INFJs. It occurs when the future you’ve envisioned sharply opposes the current reality.

As an INFJ, I must say this- You can never become proud of yourself if you do not put in the work. If you do not make considerable efforts to pull yourself out, you will start feeling depressed.

If you start feeling depressed, you will stay feeling depressed as you will develop a new habit of staying depressed and not taking action on your goals. The amount of willpower required to overcome your obstacles at this point will be ten times greater than whatever is required if you consistently put in the work daily.

You’re more vulnerable to procrastination because you have more power and flexibility in your thoughts than other personality types. But at the same time, you should also remember that you don’t have a fair amount of control over your actions.

Only when you develop a habit of consistency, you’ll be training your subconscious and unconscious mind to do the same kind of action repeatedly, which will finally provide you ease in transforming your vision into reality. Remember, the amount of satisfaction you anticipate in the next hour depends on the amount of work you put in this current hour.

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