Are you an INFJ willing to live a life of INFJ Dreams? Your dreams may look unconventional and weird in the eyes of most other people, but it is definitely possible for you to conquer your offbeat INFJ dreams and live a life of happiness and fulfillment.

It is generally observed that INFJs have a deep inherent desire to live a life that provides meaning to them and serves the purpose to better the world at least one step further.

It’s common among all INFJs to have special INFJ dreams in their lives that they always hold close to their hearts and it’s what empowers INFJs to live the tough present reality with the hope of better tomorrow.

Though most people would consider the INFJ dreams to be far-fetched, childish and something that is impossible to achieve, these people do so because they fail to believe in the conviction of the INFJ dreams.

There are several successful INFJs all over the world who have transformed history throughout and have been the flag bearers of crucial movements. If you go through their past, you will get a glimpse of yourself in their struggles. You’ll come to know that the biggest challenge that they faced was the people’s lack of conviction in their dreams. Yet they managed to succeed because they kept dreaming hard and never looked back.

Now it is your own responsibility to stand up for yourself, for your INFJ dreams, and for your purpose. Dear INFJ, I am here for you to help you chase your long-cherished dreams and prove to the world, including yourself – There’s nothing called ‘Impossible’, and where there is a Will there is the Way.

Now, let’s dive into the six crucial steps that will lead you to the successful fulfillment of your INFJ dreams.

1. Believe in Your Unique INFJ Dreams.

If you don’t believe in your own dreams then how you’re going to convince your obstacles that you’ve already set yourself up to win.

INFJ Dreams Transformation Step #1 – Believe in Your Dreams

a) Understand what’s actually a Dream?

There’s a subtle difference between a ‘Wish’ and a ‘Dream’. You may wish to help people, engage yourself in art and creative pursuits, learn something new and live a particular lifestyle. Whereas a dream is something specific for which you’re intensely passionate about and you’re ready to make sacrifices over your other wishes in order to achieve it at all costs.

b) Focus on Your Purpose.

INFJs are purpose-driven beings. They always ask ‘WHY?’ before they start working on anything.

So, for example, if anyone tells an INFJ that they want to become an entrepreneur or create a new start-up, the first question that comes to an INFJ’s mind is – What is the purpose that you or your company is going to serve?

There are many people in the world who do something just for the sake of doing or only for the sake of survival. It’s okay to them, but for you, it’s extremely crucial to determine your purpose first.

This is something that is the trickiest thing to do for any INFJ as they have a number of similar purposes that are different from each other and they want to fulfill all of their purposes as they consider all of them to be equally important.

For example – one may say I want to see people happy listening to my soulful music, the other may say I want to see people happy as I inspire them, counsel them and coach them to lead a better life, any other may say I want to see people happy as I want to fight for their rights.

It will lead you to consistent failures if you aren’t able to narrow down on the most important purpose of your life. Remember, time is limited for all of us. You have to decide what’s your main purpose that you definitely want to ensure that you fulfill in this lifetime.

The more you focus on your purpose, the more your belief strengthens in your dreams to fulfill that purpose.

c) Trust Your Intuition.

When your present reality looks quite different from the dreams that you have envisioned, your Intuition is going to be your best friend in your journey.

You have the power of intuition. Trust on it. It’s your HERO. It’s what drives you as a person. It’s never going to make you fail.

Take decisions using your intuition. Introverted Intuition(Ni) is your dominant function, it’s like a powerful laser beam that cuts through everything and makes you able to see through things and find that hidden truth that most others can’t see.

Your intuition will guide you to transform your dreams into reality, even if you’re all alone in your journey.

2. Take Actions with Your Gifted Strengths.

The INFJ personality type is one of the best 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types to consult when you need insights about a specific issue. INFJs are very proficient in grasping complex problems, learning new things fastly and delivering the best solutions to almost all other personality types.

INFJ Dreams Transformation Step #2 -Take Action With Your Gifted Strengths

But when it comes to taking action, INFJs are not the best ones to excel at it. And even if you feel privileged enough to belong to the rare INFJ personality type, your dreams will never get to see the light of day, if you don’t take action on it.

When it comes to taking action, INFJs have to use their extraverted functions to bring the desired change in their external world. Especially INFJs are required to use two of the extraverted functions of their primary function stack.

a) Extraverted Feeling (Fe)

Extraverted Feeling (Fe) is the cognitive function that helps you to understand the feelings that are external to you e.g. feelings of an individual, feelings of a group, etc. Since it plays the ‘Good Parent’ role, it’s easier for INFJs to closely read and understand people’s emotions and their true intentions.

At the same time, Extraverted Feeling (Fe) provides you with the power to express yourself. INFJs should use this special strength to express their message to the world and show their dedication to their purpose. INFJs have this natural talent to touch people’s hearts by expressing themselves verbally or non-verbally in all possible forms through writing, speaking, music, dance, acting, and various other art forms.

b) Extraverted Sensing (Se)

Extraverted Sensing (Se) is the cognitive function that helps you to stay aware of your external world in the present moment and provides you with instincts and physical impulses to act accordingly.

Extraverted Sensing (Se) is also the cognitive function that is responsible for taking physical actions in the external world that are tangible.

Extraverted Sensing (Se) plays the ‘Aspirational’ role for INFJs. Since Extraverted Sensing (Se) is the inferior function for INFJs, it is difficult for them to tap into this function and take action using it.

But you can improve the usability of this function by developing a habit of taking frequent actions on a consistent basis. If you as an INFJ do daily practice to improve your inferior function (Se), you can really excel at it.

And for you to fulfill your dreams, strengthening your Extraverted Sensing (Se) skills is mandatorily required.

3. Know There Exists a Process for Everything.

There is a process to succeed at anything. You may not find it exactly in books. You learn it through practice.

INFJ Dreams Transformation Step #3 – Know There is a Process for Everything

a) Find out the process.

Figuring out the process is the key to do something efficiently that also ensures higher chances of your success in it.

Learn the process by gaining knowledge on your subject. Read as many books as you can as that will help you to refine your perspective. Find people who have already excelled in your niche, learn from them. If you can contact them directly, then you will get great insights into your subject.

As you gain a deeper knowledge of your subject, your intuition will help you build a process for you that benefits you personally. Just be intentional about finding and creating the process.

b) Follow the process with consistency.

Consistency never discriminates against any personality type. Though INFJs tend to benefit a lot from being consistent, their dominant Introverted Intuition (Ni) helps them form patterns and find better, faster ways to easily do the same thing, ultimately helping them grow substantially.

All successful INFJs heavily rely on processes instead of improvising something again from scratch. This saves them a lot of time, effort, and energy.

4. Don’t Wait for the Final Results. Enjoy the Journey!

INFJs are one of the goal-oriented personality types. It gives an immense amount of joy and satisfaction when they’re able to finish the important nagging tasks at hand.

INFJ Dreams Transformation Step #4 – Don’t wait for the Results. Enjoy the Journey!

a) The Bigger your dreams are the more it’s going to take time.

But when it comes to your dreams, you need to remember that it is not a one-time event rather it is your lifetime event.

It is the reason why INFJs find it difficult to enjoy when they are pursuing long-duration goals. They tend to focus heavily on the end results and forget to enjoy the process.

b) Have fun as you pursue your dream.

If you aren’t able to enjoy the journey of pursuing your dreams, you’re more likely to quit it altogether due to mental exhaustion and fatigue.

Make sure, you’re able to work sustainably to bring your dreams into reality.

5. Create Smaller Goals and Succeed at them.

This is the secret to master the hidden exponential confidence of INFJs.

INFJ Dreams Transformation Step #5 – Create Smaller Goals and Succeed at Them

It may sound general as it applies to other types as well. But especially for INFJs, it works like magic.

Why? INFJs act on their vision (Ni). And when you’re working for your vision, you’re not competing against others. Instead, you’re competing with yourself.

As your vision starts transforming into reality, you start receiving confidence from the real tangible results(Se) and from your external world (Fe) through appreciation.

Now your extraverted functions start actively uplifting your vision(Ni), thereby creating a rush of exponential confidence to push through every hurdle and succeed at your major goals. It’s like a snowballing effect.

The successful INFJs know this, and they have applied this trick into every sphere of their life. But most other INFJs find it difficult to apply because they haven’t yet started properly and are still researching to put forth their first step.

The top reason why INFJs find it difficult to implement this strategy is that they don’t actually know if their strategy will work out as planned or not, for which you need to master the next step.

6. Work in One Direction.

One of the biggest weaknesses of INFJs, I would say, is their Extraverted Thinking(Te), the 7th cognitive function which also plays the ‘Blind’ role.

INFJ Dreams Transformation Step #6 – Work in One Direction

How Extraverted Thinking (Te) works, I will explain it with a very simple example. Imagine you’re alone inside a dark obsolete tunnel, and all you can see is darkness around you. You have no idea which way you should be moving to exit the tunnel.

Now, what will you do? You have to walk in either direction based on whatever your instincts (Ni) will say. And apart from that, there’s no other solution that you can employ at the moment.

It’s of no use to stay still, as it will not help you come closer to the exit. If you start moving initially, you will have no clue where you’re heading and what’s the logic (Ti) behind choosing this direction.

Once you move ahead, after a certain point you’ll be able to see the light at the end of tunnel and then you’ll easily come out of the exit.

But till this point, you have to accept the darkness that surrounds you and you’ve to just keep moving forward without depending on any logic (Ti).

This is when you’re using your Extraverted Thinking (Te) to take decisions (moving in one direction) based on external facts (to cover the remaining length of the tunnel in that direction).

Now, in real-life scenarios, since Extraverted Thinking (Te) plays the ‘blind’ role in INFJs, they fail to recognize how much effort, time, resources are required to achieve any goal.

Due to the same reason, INFJs find it challenging to implement their plans. And when their plans keep failing one after another, they get frustrated and quit it altogether, finally concluding that their plan wasn’t right in the first place itself.

a) Focus on one goal at one time.

In order to avoid that, first, don’t overwhelm yourself with too many goals at one time. And focus on one goal at a time. It will help you avoid burnout.

b) Follow a single direction, and don’t quit till you succeed.

The most important advice for all the INFJs is to work in a single direction irrespective of whatever obstacles you face. If your intuition can perceive success for you in that direction, then you must follow that path.


Let’s recap everything in summary. INFJs can definitely live out their INFJ dreams. Time and again, INFJs have been successful to conquer their grand INFJ dreams. All you need is to believe in your INFJ dreams with a firm conviction and have trust in your intuition.

INFJs must use their gifted strengths to take actions that can help them to create their identity in the external world. INFJs must create and follow a process that can help them to reach further towards their dreams with every single step. INFJs must learn how to enjoy themselves while seriously working towards their dreams to stay rejuvenated and motivated.

INFJs must not worry about the outcomes. Instead, they should create smaller goals and focus on succeeding at them one by one. INFJs can ensure their success if they don’t distract themselves and keep working in a single direction till they fulfill their dreams.

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